July 20th, 2010


Jabba the Cat

The 100+ degree temperature of the day was a result of direct sunlight. No cloud-cover, no humidity; no breeze. It burned the skin. Adjusting the brim of my military-issue desert camouflage "floppy" hat, to tug down over my eyes, I pulled the ripcord of the mower and it started right away. I must be getting old, because the 3-hours of yardwork wasn't a chore - it was a joy. Even in this heat. Something therapeutic about all that manual labor...and all the sweat. I had raised the wheels on the mower since the last time I'd cut the yard and this time followed through with full edging both around the house with the weed-eater, and the best sidewalk lines to date with the edger attachment. I swept up all the leavings, spread fertilizer and watered it. My yard looked magnificent.

I had taken the supplement Nitric Oxide just prior to this endeavor. On days I do weights, 20-minutes after my workout I take creatine and protien. On my cardio days, 45-minutes prior, I take Nitric Oxide. The particular mixture I take contains, among other things, yohimbe root, grape seed extract, and a near-unhealthy dose of caffeine. I also wondered if the N.O. would help act as an anti-hangover agent, having gotten drunk the night before on boxed wine, putting on my mu'umu'u, and traipsing around my neighborhood with a neverending wineglass crashing everyone's weekend driveway parties in a failed, "If I drink wine maybe I'll sleep tonight since I haven't slept in a week" experiment. Mostly I just startled the neighborhood children. And the ones I ran into the next day continued to giggle about it. "I see you're not in your dress today." one young woman said.


Watched Romancing the Stone with my wife (boy did that bring back some memories), went out to eat a couple of times, tried to annoy the everlivingshit out of those who think http://foursquare.com is cool by "checking in" everywhere I went (ultimately ending up in an argument with an apparent paranoid schizophrenic over the dangers of location data) and got our 3rd cat from a righteous babe we met while visiting my wife's cousin's widow who was down visiting friends after a magnificent day with them.

Weighing in at about 25-pounds, meet the enormous Molly Baggins:

Aw, shucks.

What's over here?

Fatty McFat

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