August 1st, 2010


Wings of Liberty

After saving his money for what must seem like forever to a 10-year-old (about six months to the best of my recollection) for his "long-term" purchase of a PS3, he decided the long-awaited StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was worth delving into his savings for, and purchased the game himself. When I explained that LAN play had been disabled and each player would require their own [legal] copy of the game (unheard of in this household) he offered his remaining monies to go toward the purchase of my game.

My sweet boy is a gamer at heart ♥

Of course he hasn't been waiting for the game as long as, oh...I've been waiting! I remember loading the "Brood War" expansion on my Windows 98 laptop back in...let's see...oh yeah, NINETEEN NINETY-EIGHT. That is to say, two years before he was born. He didn't wait. The rest of us did. He was amused though that this new game was so similar to the original. Another "plus" in my book.

I was thrilled to discover that both my kids boxes could play it, surpassing the minimum specifications and meeting or exceeding the recommended specs. Just don't accept the installer's suggestion of texture quality as it will actually allow you to set it past what your video card has onboard with no apparent issues and that single change will greatly improve you visual experience.

I loved the score - very much a retooling of the original, but with real orchestration and less of that pre-millennium synth. Like embedded midi's in that era's webpages *shudder*. I am also greatly enjoying the Western twang they've added reminiscent of Firefly. I don't know why its there, but it really puts a smile on my face during gameplay. The electronic booklet which comes with the iTunes download is magnificent! Studio shots, mixing boards, the choir, the brass, the freaking cathedral in Woodstock, New York converted to a studio, just WOW.

Also - get this, Tricia Helfer (BSG's [Caprica] "Six") does one of the voices - how cool is that?

I think my next trip to the bookstore I'll pick up the novelizations.

So yeah, we're getting the band back together.

We're on a mission from God.

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