August 3rd, 2010

Anna Seal

The Future

This question was posed on our local city forum: "I watched all the growth in McKinney. I think it was the fastest growing town in America for many years. I wonder if Anna will go through a similar change? What do you predict Anna will be like 5 years from now?"

Behold my answer:

In five years time Anna will have above-ground "tubes" interconnecting all city services. City Hall will move out of that single-wide and into a towering skyscraper which will be a beacon of hope to the tired, the weary, and the thirsty. Flying cars will intersect the sky's of Anna and this will create not only new jobs, but also new positions of authority which will come with it: Grand Air Marshall, et al.

In five years time Anna will become the technological hub of Collin County. City Engineers will invent a seasonal-based networking product which will use the power of the sun for high-speed access during the summer months, and the cooler air for the same speeds during the winter months. We'll ship all our trash to McKinney who's new ultra-mega Recycling Center will cost billions to build and run but create untold amounts of carcinogenic byproducts while Anna turns more toward composting and becomes a mecca of sorts for the Amish, who will arrive in droves, displacing the Mormons who will retreat to Melissa. The Amish, eschewers of technology, will create their own Anna Texas Forum. It will be held in Jedidiah's barn every Wednesday at six, after Mass.

In five year's time a precious ore will discovered under the City Hall's single-wide causing the Federal Government to lay siege upon our city and us local's will bear arms against them. At the very pinnacle of hostilities, Extra-Terrestrials will reveal themselves, denounce Christ, praise Crist, and erect a statue of Livia in the new Town Center. They will instill Driskell in a life-term for Mayor.

We will have single-handedly changed the face of the entire world.

This, in 5 years.

Long live Anna.