September 3rd, 2010

The Fifth Element

Descendants of Boom

The weight of the world is too heavy to rest upon mismatched, uneven pillars of self. We're not strong enough to bear that burden for long without stress cracks from the weight and constant motion of the societal superstructure we support. Raise therefore your children in an image other than your own, for we are all flawed. Increase their chances of survival by arming them with open-mindedness - For the things you believe now differ from when you were young, and shall differ again before your demise. Why then would we willingly sabotage those who will lead and those who will follow by teaching them to hold onto our current whims?

Ethical discipline is the indispensable means for mediating between the competing claims of my right to happiness and others' equal right. ~ HHDL

"I was wrong," is easy to say as an adult who's changed their mind, but much to late to easily remove it as a filter from a child who has clung to the values as so sacred that it permeates their every thought and action and threatens to be propagated to their children and their children's children. Four generations of fuck-up because of your ignorance. Raise your children instead to question everything - then teach them patience by doing so yourself when you answer them because they've turned that directive upon you. You may learn something in the process as your answers are challenged - this is a good thing, and keeps us sharp for remembering why we do the things we do instead of slipping into the comfort of apathy.

Your children are your legacy - don't propagate a legacy of dumb. ~ ehowton

Please don't pollute our future with your narrow-mindedness. Show your kids both sides of the coin - explain to them why you believe what you believe and then what other's believe - explain the similarities and the differences both. Invocation of balance doesn't make it so, only its practice. The opposite of multiculturalism isn't individualism, but it should threaten (territorial) nationalism - our borders are artificial1 and our beliefs colored through ignorance or greed or both. You look as just as stupid to the group you're calling stupid. "Why can't they understand?" is fervently uttered aloud on both sides and the word tolerance is used as an epitaph.

All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry. ~ Edgar Allen Poe

The United States of America is the first (and to date only) nation based on an idea, rather than on geography or ethnicity. And not just any idea, but the highest ideals which the human mind can formulate: freedom, responsibility, self-reliance, equality of opportunity, individualism. And that to be patriotic in America is a shorthand way to declare one’s allegiance to these philosophical ideals.2 Those who wish to destroy what we've built and everything we've become are broken, and I don't know how to fix them. With my hands tied, all I can strive for is being a better person myself, and eschewing greed.