September 28th, 2010



Not being a recreational drug user, the feeling of narcotics is entirely foreign to me. When I've been given vicodin in the past, it was for pain - and rendered completely inert in my body when it was no longer required; it doesn't do anything for me unless I need it. What this doesn't mean is it won't completely mess with me when I do.

Each night I sleep entire lifetimes fifteen minutes at a time, spending the rest of my time in bed riding the wave, crashing again and again against wakefulness. I've worked out complex emotional issues subconsciously and one at a time spent quality time with each of my co-workers in massively intricate environments. I drive, I'm aware of my wife and children, and I try to keep all my appointments, but I'm simply not going to be rushed. At work, many of these people who I've worked side-by-side for a decade don't even recognize this extremely mellow mute who's walking around work in an Eric-suit.

I smile and nod, and time has no real meaning. I'd just as soon be at my desk at work as well as home. Or standing outside. Direction is fuzzy. I simply exist.

The last time I was this high, for this long, was 15-years ago following my oral surgery in Korea. I threw the remainder of my prescriptions away after two weeks of wandering the halls of the dorm in a daze.

I'm on day 5.
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Sweeney Todd


In the most retarded demonstration of stupid I've seen this year (and believe you me, I've seen plenty of stupid), AMAZON.COM offers an entire album of mp3s not available for download.

Read that again, this time more slowly.

Now ask yourself, "What's the fuck exactly is the point of that?"

So I sent an email to AMAZON.COM asking them just how something like this could happen, and here's the impressively quick reply I received from them, despite it making no fucking sense whatsoever:

"While shopping in the MP3 Music Download Store, you may encounter songs that are only available [...] on the physical CD."

For the record, iTunes didn't have this album available. Don't get me wrong, I love love love AMAZON.COM for purchasing CDs and books but have never downloaded albums from them, because "Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company" requires me to install a goddamn amazon music downloader. Fuck that. I was impressed however, that they had a downloader for a variety of linux distros, which is what I ended up doing - installing it in a virtual machine.

Not that it did me any good.

Am I the only one that gets pissed off by the sheer depth of this crap? Is it only me? Am I pulling a Walter Sobchak here? Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules? Do any of you feel the same way at all? The only replies I got on facebook were,

"lol you should've used iTunes lol"

I hate facebook users.

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