October 29th, 2010



Three nights ago:

Slept long and hard. Dreamed I was at a redneck version of the Feast of Tabernacles with my mom & her best friend, my wife and kids, and some chick I was banging. It was very disorganized though, and I was doing a lot of running around trying to fix stuff. Kinda like work.

Two nights ago:

I only got about 4-hours of good sleep, but in that four hours I dreamed I was in a musical version of Stephen King's "Christine." Kinda like a mix between Pleasantville and a black & white Bye-Bye Birdie, but with a demon car and lots of death and screaming. And of course, choreography and showtunes.

In entirely unrelated news, the last of the 15-liters of wine is nearly gone.