November 8th, 2010


Six Flags over Texas...In Style!

My client bought a day at the amusement park for employees and their families. We had run of a nearly-empty park with no waiting on any ride in the park. We walked right past signs which read, "90 minute point" and "60 minute point" straight to the rides. The company does this every year and I've been waiting ten very long years to go, what between my oldest not being old enough, then having another child... (one year they held it in the middle of a summer heat wave and we chose not to go), then there was working out-of-state or on different accounts over the last decade.

Finally, it all lined up just right, and the kids LOVED IT. A whole day dedicated to fun. My kids had never been on a rollercoaster before and I was just grinning from ear-to-ear as we rode every ride multiple times. Many times we didn't even have to get out to re-stand in line. What an absolute joy it was spending the day together. There were no fights or arguments all day long - just grins and giggles.

And did I mention it was sunny and 65-degrees out? In a word, perfect...

The oldest of the Six Flags; Opened on August 1, 1961

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