November 28th, 2010



Akin to wrestling with a lithe, new lover, I threw my car around the turns. Easing off the gas into them, then double-clutching with a smooth shift before accelerating out of them. She was tight and wanted more, but this was still foreplay for me; I downshifted at the yield, letting off the clutch slowly and she growled a throaty protest before I floored it, unleashing her once again over another volley of gentle rises and dips interspersed with unending turns. This is my town, these are my roads, and she is my car - a beautiful mixture of curves and strength - who loves to envelope me, and prove to me what she's capable of.

Its always nice to slip behind the wheel and inhale the leather after driving the hippo exclusively for an extended period of time. Each trip to Kansas and back is just that. She's slung so low that everything about driving her is different - and I become a different man when I'm in her. Not aggressive, but more...confident (if such a thing were possible). I feel safe with her, and offer her my soul in return for her compliance.

So far, so good.

December 2007: 80-mph on Southbound frontage road. (credit photogoot)