January 12th, 2011



Clones do not balance. Its not their purpose. And in point of fact, with a clone who's base properties are so complementary to my own, it could very possibly destroy us both if left solely to our own desires.

My wife and I have been sitting even-keeled on the see-saw of life for over a decade now, unmoving. This is a good thing. I've been in relationships before where that board swung violently from lock-to-lock, and while initially thrilling, experience has taught me that the rush of the high simply does not justify the sickening feeling of the drop which occurs over time. But there's only one thing powerful enough to really teach you that: The love of a good woman.

With a clone sitting adjacent me on my side of the teeter-totter, things are currently unbalanced, and I'm seeking to regain that equilibrium. Only that which has kept us there can bring us back - the balance my wife brings to our marriage. But how is she going to overcome the added weight?

In a word, strength.

Sure she's impulsive where I'm cautious, but spontaneity lies within that impulse and because she's too selfless to wield it foolishly, she only brings it out to benefit the both of us and it has enriched my life. Too often, when things become rote, we tend to forget we're not immutable beings - I myself am such a creature of habit without my wife's flair for the dramatic I cannot imagine which hole I would have buried myself under by now without her. Our walls are blue our columns are orange - sure she hates it, but that never, ever stops her from trying, and for most of us walking this earth, that's the only way to discover true success.

My wife and I are very responsible people - often trading our own wants for the benefit of the family unit - and at times its GREAT FUN. Other times...not so much. Regardless, that's what I like to call, "life." Many people are surprised by "life" but when you've experienced so much of it as we have, you begin to be prepared for whatever it may throw at you, and it seems to ceaselessly find new ways to do just that.

My wife and I weren't attracted to each other through anything as fleeting as commonality in activities, rather through a ferocity of spirit we identified in each other early on - though it took many fun years to be able to articulate that to each other! Its the same spirit she shares with my clone. And she'll only grow stronger with my clone and I feeding her our particular brand of awesome, and that is going to be how she does it. Balance through strength.

She often asks me why I love her. Read the highlighted text above:

  • Even-Keeled

  • Strength

  • Selfless

  • Flair

  • Ceaseless


In this day and age, those are damn rare commodities. She's already given me two little dividends and we're smack-dab in the middle of the fun & easy stage.

She's one investment I intend on keeping.
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