February 11th, 2011


Practical Magic

When are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage!

Baby steps, some call it. The advice given to those who want to make changes which seem insurmountable; approach it slowly. Some people reap great rewards by doggedly flogging some goal at an almost imperceptible gait. I think I admire those people most of all. I myself however, would fail doing it that way. I've found the only way to do something is unequivocally and entirely. Not one for meaningless traditions I chose "New Year Resolution" simply because other people would better understand those words when I spoke them - when I had to explain why I deactivated my Facebook account and stopped posting to Twitter; removed Foursquare and TweetPic from my blackberry, and became a connectivity black hole. Sure I've missed out on some stuff - and its shocked me how I've gone from 300+ emails daily to something like...four. It is as if I don't even exist anymore. Out of sight, out of mind is very real truth. But its also been overwhelmingly freeing. On occasion I'll find myself sitting at the computer in front of an empty inbox wondering, "Why am I here?" Old habits. Admittedly, I'm never there very long any more.

The decision to disconnect came easily enough - a lot of time spent with my wife and my kids. No matter what I endure throughout the year, spending time with my family at the end of it (and this is amplified when we're away from the comforts of our own home) always brings me back to center, and this year was no different, though the effects will probably be more lasting. Allow me to explain - while the purpose of my actions was to simplify my life, in other areas I have greatly compounded its complexity. You see, my wife and her cousin had a lifelong dream to one day live together, and this has now come to pass.

We'll grow old together. It's going to be you and me living in a big house...these two old biddies with all these cats. I bet we even die on the same day.

So while new dynamic is new, its also a lot of work. Logistics, integration, schedule, tasks, responsibilities - everything is a question mark because nothing is as it was. And yet, with the three of us being as flexible as we are, willingness to selflessly incorporate, and each with our unique complementary skills, this short-term awkwardness will fan out to be a very streamlined solution once solidified. Cooking, cleaning, finances, children, homework, breadwinning, retirement, real-estate, games, movies, music, recreation & fun - everything is simplified; Nothing will be a struggle, as we've already glimpsed. Having someone else you can trust and rely on wholly is a new and exciting feeling for all of us. The small discomfort of what we each let go of is replaced with so much more we gain in return. I say this because I've found its been difficult for others to understand the motivation behind our decision. How sad!

Extreme Sports? That's for pussies - adrenaline is fleeting. My wife and I have, over the past 13-years been involved in what I like to call, "Extreme Change" and we just keep on raising the stakes.

Magical Midnight Margaritas!
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