February 25th, 2011


The Lifecycle of Life

Surely everyone who ponders self-existence has their own ideas about why we perambulate across this spinning rock in the night sky, from the fantastic to the ridiculous and everything in between, and I am no exception.

Question, learn, experience, and love.

I have no room for hope in my life - for I am not given to a lifestyle which requires it. My destiny is what I make it and with those whom I make it with.

I have no quantifier for faith - for as eager and undisciplined as a new Born Again who thirsts in the knowledge of Christ, only they can truly understand how I feel about abandoning my own; just as eager and undisciplined.

I reject guile for its root is greed and fear - I live a life void of hate which proves such a culture is truly possible despite the overwhelming odds. Those who feed on darkness are doomed to choke on their own dissatisfaction clearing the way for me and mine.

I refuse to believe in pure altruism for I've seen its damaging effects. Live for thyself as much as you live for others and truly blessed you will be. As my cousin-in-law is wont to say, "The meek may inherit the earth, but the rest of us will go to the stars!"

I march to my own snare, bugle and fife;
Adjacent my children, my clone, my wife.

Those of us who have the capacity to absorb knowledge do so at an alarming rate. There is no caution to throw to the wind because there is no fear of a misstep, no second-thoughts, no hesitation. My cycle of life continues to climb straight up with no waning circular pattern yet in sight.

My ideology? Be excellent to each other, drink wine, sleep with reckless abandon. And everything else will follow.