March 23rd, 2011


Annual Appraisal: Significant Accomplishments

My *actual* submission:

Given the turmoil amidst contractual friction this year, compounded by pay-cuts which seemingly should have been shouldered by those not providing excellent service on a daily basis at the client site, while simultaneously taking on added responsibilities through massive layoffs and resignations, I consider each and every day I set my hand to a task a significant accomplishment; my reasons being far more subtle than numbers tallied up on a ledger or the completion of high-visibility projects: Attitude.

Despite being appraised annually by an abject stranger, I manage to radiate a positive, can-do attitude with each and every interaction I engage in, never turning down an opportunity to accept new challenges, even those which far exceed my scope. Why this year alone I have taught myself HPVM/IVM & VMware technologies to the point I have been placed as backup to the WINTEL Server Team and point of fact have installed and troubleshooted more Red Hat Linux servers than Solaris and HP/UX combined – while maintaining my full time UNIX duties. But its not always what you do. Most of the time its how you do it. And I do nothing begrudgingly, an art lost on remote authority, yet something which can make or break a client-facing team.

I have been magnificent this year.
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