April 9th, 2011


When Animals Attack

My Street

I dreamed drax0r and I were walking back to my house from down the street when it started to get dark. "We need to hurry," I coaxed nervously, my eyes darting around. As we neared the next-door-neighbor's house I saw the coyote between the cars and stopped, extending my arm to indicate he needed to do the same. I wasn't too worried about slipping past a single coyote, but as I cautiously moved forward I saw a second coyote, and approaching quickly - perhaps too quickly - a wolf.

About the time I saw the second wolf I'd also noticed some movement peripherally to my left and looked that direction. Two skunks and a badger, meandering to be sure, but definitely moving my direction. We started to backtrack, very slowly moving backwards, our eyes never leaving the shockingly growing amount of animals almost accidentally making their way toward us. Only, this was no accident. I wasn't sure what all was at play here, but by the time we reached the large two-story house it was dark as pitch and I was hoping the occupants of the house didn't sleep too soundly, because those animals would certainly turn toward me once I started knocking. I whispered something to drax0r but right before I knocked, I remembered the house was vacant and on the market - and no one would be home!

I turned the doorknob and we tumbled inside. I was shocked! I sat up on the floor and noticed the wolves and coyotes and skunks and badgers all coming for us. drax0r closed the door and I realized we weren't at the vacant house - which is why the door was unlocked - in my fear I'd backtracked across the two empty lots to the second two-story house! Our other neighbors! I yelled out that we have just come into their house unannounced. There is an office right off the entryway, so I darted in there to announce myself and came face-to-face to with the lady of the house - topless - she was hurriedly dressing. I averted my eyes and stepped back to the foyer with out another word. The lady of the house called for her kids to "bring the shotgun" and we holed up by the door adjacent the front door - the once which leads to the garage, shotgun ready.

It was a tense night, straight out of a zombie movie. We could hear the animals outside, but once the sun came up, they were gone. We'd been up all night. I offered to go home and make pancakes to bring her for breakfast, as a show of thanks for protecting us.

HIDING FROM OR BEING TRAPPED BY ANIMALS: You are feeling controlled or threatened by your urges or the emotions or feelings of others.

BEING THREATENED OR ATTACKED BY ANIMALS: You are repressing your instincts.

SKUNK: Your suppressed anger is on the verge of exploding.

COYOTE: Associated with death.

WOLF: dreamer may be feeling threatened by something *or* symbols of repressed sexuality and anger.

BADGER: Needing to get away from the influence of other people.

SEEING NAKED BREASTS: can denote a feeling of exposure and invasion of privacy.

BREAKFAST: Attitude toward a new project.

Needless to say, I've had some fucked up dreams here lately, and this one freaking brims with repressed anger. Funny, I don't feel angry.

Taken August 15, 2010

The Goddess

The goddess she whispers of things not yet seen
The goddess she shines, she vibrates and preens
Of energies, desires, and powers unknown
Her glory is is magnificent once it is shown

The goddess inhales; seven trumps sound - the horns!
The goddess she exhales and the Earth now is born
She stretches and the mountains rip forth from the sea
Her feet become roots, she's the trunk of a tree

The goddess she smiles and you're drawn to her charm
The goddess reaches heavenward, opens her arms
Sky bursts forth with all its might
In the blink of her eye day turns to night

The goddess pulls back both of her sleeves
The goddess her arms become branches and leaves
Greeks called photosynthesis putting together and light
She takes in everything and transforms with might

The goddess she creates life from a thought and from love
Everything that we are comes from above
The goddess blesses us with hope and with truth
She gives us her life-force and imbibes us with youth

Every time I make love
Every time I break free
Fulfillment undreamed of
Means everything to me