April 28th, 2011



I have plans which involve a truckload of queso and tequila, a netbook, my laptop, a copy of maverick-remix, and will likely result in me running around with no pants on. With a box of unopened wine tucked ungraciously under my arm. I hope the kids are asleep by the time all this happens. And there may be kittens involved. I can't remember where that fits in.

Its my Friday. I'm off tomorrow through Monday, arriving back to work on Tuesday. Only time will tell if this weekend will be more, or less, relaxing than work. And I'm taking the !FAM! on a road trip. The scenic route. We almost never take the scenic route. I'm going to be soooooooo relaxed taking the scenic route. Armed with my camera I'll stop for anything, for any reason. For myself or for my passengers. Unhurried. That's going to be my mantra this trip. Unhurried.

And it may transform me. I may become something else. Either enroute, or sometime whilst at my destination. I don't know. Either way, its time to try something new.
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