August 13th, 2011



The gilded cage houses my hopes, my dreams
But I am not allowed to touch them!
Things are never quite what they seem;
Polished glass masquerading as gems

They dance around me in an orbit of life
While I stationarily provide them warmth -
Watching, waiting in endless strife
Until the day I run out of breath

They have four seasons of recurring joy
While I only burn seemingly forever with hot light.
Their every altered path a calculated ploy
To encourage me to always shine bright.

They're finally all happy, needs met with sate
With nary a touch or a glance my direction -
I eventually buckle from responsibility's weight
But no one wants to listen to my outspoken objection

Main sequence stars do not burn everlasting. They quake.
And I simply cannot give more than I have
They take and they take and they take and they take
I'll eventually split cleft and halve.

A lifetime of wanting, a lifetime of support
Only now do they notice me as I collapse to the floor.
Their feeble attempts at reconciliation too late to thwart
I'm going supernova and won't exist anymore.

* Attempting to structure the feelings behind a bad dream I don't remember the content of, only the despair