September 7th, 2011


Corner Lot

Much like Lot's wife, or just lots of salt, having a corner lot is lot of extra effort, and that's a lot of lots, which I first discovered two weekends ago.

It just so happened that the next-door neighbor has a lush, dark-green lawn of something akin to crab grass. Understandably he mows it "high" that is to say only evens up the very tips of the sultry waves to create an even, flowing effect.

This is not Texas grass, and my mower was set to "scalp." My first pass cut through the earth like an open wound. After several height adjustments, I was finally able to finish the expansive lawn - at least compared to my postage-stamp lot in Anna. But that was only the beginning, and at 107-degrees, also the easiest part of my day.

I had purchased something which resembled this replacement head at the local hardware store for $20 in hopes it would ease the damage I inflict each week on my aging carcass - especially since my new Poulan Pro has never come close to performing up to my old Echo straight-shaft. That didn't contort my body in Inquisition-era ways and was always an ease to use. Anyway, one of the so-called "testimonials" on the replacement head said, Made trimming a joy! Yes, I scoffed at that one the hardest, and yes, it was the most accurate. I could not believe the difference it made.

Still, it's effing hot out there, and there is a lot of curb to edge. I'm not used to curbs on corner lots. I swapped the string for the blade edger and fought mud for an hour. The house had never been edged, and it was more chore than I was willing to bear. I left it three-quarters complete and called it heat stroke.

[time passes]

I skipped a week, and went out the week after. They day before we were at 50+ days of 100+ and all my neighbors had foolishly mowed the day before. Today is was SIXTY-THREE DEGREES!!! Mowing was an ease, edging fun, and yes, trimming a joy. Two weeks ago, I mowed in vertical paths to the house, and taking a page from THE BOOK OF MR. WITWICKY this time I mowed in horizontal paths. Next week, I'll start on the two verticals before repeating the whole series.

Lot's wife.

What a whore.

More grass & lawn in front!