November 9th, 2011




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Like everything else in my life, its difficult to specifically identify what set me off on the direction I started down, and even more fuzzy as to how I ended up where I did. I really enjoy my Halloween mix, and as much as I'd like to create a companion to my dark seasonal favorite A Touch of Goth XMAS I'm simply not yet ready for Christmas to be here, nor the pomp & circumstance (e.g. music) which accompanies it. What I wanted - what I needed - was something to bridge the gap between those two holidays without it being Thanksgiving-centric.

"T'aint" was the first thing that popped into my mind. T'aint Halloween; T'aint Christmas. I alone found that amusing, but it decidedly wasn't the tone I was seeking. "Betwixt" came next - that elusive fall feeling which encompasses everything between the two - and I believe BETWIXT would've been the title of this project, was too unspecific. What exactly was it I wanted to feel, to convey during this somewhat ominous change in time and change in season?

My father used to play the haunting LP Days of Heaven on the turntable and I couldn't get Saint-Saëns "Aquarium" out of my head, but I have no good recording of it, and had decided against the recently remastered release. But if I was going to pay for the song, I was going to find the best one out there. Sadly, the first 30 previews on iTunes, all from reputable labels, sounded equally alike; uninspired. But then! A boy's choir using it as the base of an entirely stand-alone piece - I was awestruck as the choir simulated the instruments with their voices.

This pearl amongst swine led me to wonder if...could I actually find a downloadable version of Ennio Morricone's remastered masterpiece? Undeterred, I was a man on a mission and quickly settled upon "The Harvest" as my set-piece track. Wonder of wonders, I discovered an impressive retelling from my new favorite masters of impressive retellings, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Once again they managed to surpass my expectations as goosebumps ran up and down my spine. The game was afoot!

With newfound enthusiasm in the form of direction, I sought out personification of the year's final quarter and found myself quite enamored with the sensual eroticism of the farming cycle as indicated by the fertile Earth Goddess (Mother Nature; Gaia, et aliae). What a wholly encompassing cycle of seduction and supplication, sewing and fertilization, birth and reaping. By the strength of men's backs they grasp their furrow and plough into Mother Earth in hopes to bring forth life!

Discussing personal triggers for that which one finds erotic is a highly personal revelation. Nonetheless, we each have that which calls to us, and while I respect the diversity in which others may engage it, and am not personally saddled with any specific nuance myself, when I have had the freedom and planning to script it, its wrought with deep intimacy and near-solemn execution, much as I imagine the level of respect intimated by those who would kneel before the goddess of the harvest. Ambiance as an aphrodisiac.

Revel in my eroticism.


* The album cover is a marriage between my 2010 Green Cheese New Year Moon and my recent Keeper of the Plains photo.