November 20th, 2011

Firefly, Serenity

Midnight Express

catttitude dreamed that she and michelle1963 were abroad and had just purchased some peppermint candies at a shop in the outdoor souq/market district during a day of sightseeing and shopping. The candies had tasted horrible, so they spat them out - this particular shop was known for infusing narcotics in the candies to hide from the law, but tourists didn't know that - but it was too late! They were collected as evidence from a drug sting operation by the local authorities and the two girls were sentenced to prison!

michelle1963 went right to work in the dark prison library trying to prove that they were being held there illegally as she had figured out they were set up, but when the warden sent in bullies in to prevent her from doing so, my wife knew her only way out was her cousin's book-smart success, so she took the only course of action she could - she took the beatings for her. She took the beatings for her cousin so she could pour through the tomes of law seeking for proof. She took the beatings...and learned to fight back.

One day the warden had gotten wind that michelle1963 had been passing documents to an American lawyer, and to address this indiscretion he was going to punish her by caning. Because of her tiny stature and my wife's rationalization that she would be better equipped to internalize the pain, she talked the warden into having her caned instead, which he did, but at more cost than just the caning - so far, each time catttitude had interfered, each beating she had taken, and doled out, more time had been tacked onto her sentence. After the caning, she was sent to the infirmary to watch for infection, but her only worry was concerned with michelle1963 being unprotected.

Thankfully, she'd gotten word that her cousin was okay - no one had hurt her. The night she was released from the infirmary she and her cousin both were asleep in their cell when some guards came in and held down my wife while they bound michelle1963's hands and placed a bag over her head! My wife later discovered she had been sent back to America because she was too much of a threat within the prison walls.

Life afterwards was different; desolate without her cousin there to protect. But she'd gained the respect of the other inmates she had fought, and for something to do started checking their teeth. Soon, she was cleaning teeth and teaching them oral hygiene. Thereafter she started an exercise program with the inmates and started teaching them Taekwondo. All this positive reinforcement caught the attention of the guards who started asking her to look at their teeth too, and eventually asked her to teach them Twekwondo as well.

The warden was impressed with her work and mandated that she teach all his guards Taekwondo. Impressed again with her dental skills, he assigned her to medical to assist the resident dentist. She did this presumably for years, settling into a fairly comfortable routine, despite her incarceration.

That is to say, until michelle1963 got word to her near her release date that I also had been imprisoned...and was soon to be executed for treason!

catttitude used her influence with the warden to request a meeting with me because she was worried about my being in solitary confinement all alone with my thoughts and with zero human interaction. When she finally got to me her worse fears had been realized, that it was destroying me. Once again, she put herself in harms way and was able to bargain for my release by accepting the remainder of my sentence, which they were thrilled to accept because she was such an asset to the prison. I was to give our children the message that their mother loved them very much and missed them and that their love kept her going all these long years. I was released and sent back to America where I joined forces with michelle1963 to help set catttitude free.

The dentist my wife worked for in the prison had an ailing doctor friend who had a young daughter and catttitude was sent to live with them to learn their culture as the last part of her sentence - an internship in place of my death sentence. After some years with the doctor and his daughter she'd nursed him back to health. She'd grown close with the family but the doctor had discovered that my wife had Stage IV cancer and it was on his recommendation that she be freed - sent home, do die. When she arrived in the states she was pleased to discover it was just a benign cyst in her intestines, easily removed by the American doctors - which meant only one thing - the doctor had set her free the only way he knew how, and at no danger to himself, as thanks for her efforts and concern.

We were all reunited, and she wanted to return the thanks somehow to the doctor without getting him in trouble, so she changed her Last Will and Testament to leave the doctor and his daughter money in the hopes that just a little bit of American dollars would give them more than enough for the rest of their days.

Prisons can often stand for a set of beliefs that limit the dreamer's personal development or progress. The dream may help us escape this limitation by forcing us to confront them and examine what triggered them. There may be a feelings of desire to break free from social convention.

If you are sentenced to prison or beaten up, this suggests strong feelings of regret and that you are going to change your life and make a new start.

Various types of prisons are common dream settings and they appear at times when something or someone if your life is restricting your sense of freedom. If you have such a dream, your dreaming mind is urging you to consider whether your loss of freedom is self-enforced; it is urging you to be honest with yourself about the causes and cost of being imprisoned. Such dreams may also symbolize a deep-rooted feeling that you are not able to fully express yourself.

When someone else is seen in prison, this refers to a part of yourself that you are unable to reveal to others and even to yourself.

When someone is released from prison in your dream, it signified changes that may have taken place within your life - its is also a sign that you will overcome obstacles that may be holding you back at the moment.