November 28th, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

Governing Dynamics

Jumping into a new situation feet first is the empirical antonym to quitting cold turkey - the creation of a pass or fail scenario, or to put it idiomatically, sink or swim - either figure it out along the way and succeed, or bow out. Learn by doing. A very good, and very effective educational approach as it greatly shortens the learning curve. There's no disagreement that quitting an addiction takes constitution and willpower; creation equally so. Those who are adept at one will be well suited for the other. All things being equal, it would stand to reason that the inverse of that is also true. Whomever struggles with quitting without gradual cessation or a placebo is probably not well suited for immediate and wholly saturating unfamiliar environments.

Which then illuminates the part many overlook - practical application of lessons learned. Within every failure is a lesson, and within every lesson an answer, or rather an opportunity to try again with an altered variable. Accurate conclusions cannot be drawn from incomplete trials and incomplete tests. Therefore a cascading effect of future bad decisions based upon inaccurate information is risked if defeat is assumed after failure because of the application of the failure rather than the success. In short the opposite of a "recipe for success;" instead a very nearly perfect scenario for guaranteed failures, one after the other, forever.

Whether the next particular altercation or variable chosen to be modified is the right one or not is ultimately unimportant, because until the correct combination is discovered it does not exist. Why emphasis is placed on time outside natural disasters or war is beyond the scope of this missive; destiny is timeless - whether the attributes of success are discovered later rather than sooner affects only the present, but giving into failure affects the future.

In short, it is absolutely essential to practically apply all lessons learned of every problem in a series of resolutions as often as required until a solution is reached. To do otherwise compounds failure indefinitely.