November 30th, 2011


Demons - They Everywhere!

Three nights ago I dreamed I'd hooked up with drax0r & Alastair (Christopher Heyerdahl) from Supernatural to demonically infiltrate a nondescript stronghold in the middle of Downtown Dallas in which not only did I have to navigate the high-five 635 LBJ/75 Central Expressway exchange numerous times, but oftentimes from a bird-eye view as if I were not only in a movie, but watching it as well.

During some of the more elaborate "stunts" as Alastair, who was bound to the surface acting as liaison to the underworld locked in his fate by setting in motion events which, if it actually weren't the end of the world would land him in jail until such a time as the apocalypse transpired (which was why he had to be very discreet - although I did talk him into blowing his cover despite my own misgivings) I was amazed at the very real physiological effects physics had on my slumbering carcass as we jumped, leapt, and careened into the air in Alastair's black Ford Bronco, crashing into the sides of buildings and the such. (We also had to wear inflatable baggies over our shoes before we were allowed to enter the stronghold's cleanroom...)

Two nights ago however, I dreamed I joined up with Sam and Dean on one of their hunts. Interestingly enough, we were flying there. The airport parking lot was a nightmare and densely packed. We checked in at the booth, but had very little time to get to the gate - we had to run - and that's when I saw I'd forgotten my camera! The camera was important because we always documented our hunts thoroughly and these hunts often took us to interesting locations which lend themselves to being photographed!

At some point during my indecision to rush all the way back to the parking lot, then trying to find the car, and still making it to the gate or not, Sam & Dean turned into drax0r & chuque! (No, I don't know which was which.) And excepting the cartoonishly large afro on chuque, I remember doing most of the investigative work while the two of them sat barefoot playing a console game and eating sandwiches.

Last night's dream had nothing to do with demons.