March 30th, 2012


The Evolution of Genevieve

From left to right, initiate Life/Death colored school clothes in Unicorn Way, a mixture of Rokugo/Kozane/Oyoroi armor in Krokotopia, an imbued Pigswick Academy uniform in Wysteria, and the Topiary Tunic I picked up in Celestia.

Each outfit was worn for roughly 10 levels, though I do on occasion slip back into one or the other depending upon the situation - the Pigswick Academy uniform for example provides better replenishment power if I'm working in a group of people, the samurai armor is nicely balanced for both combat ops and healing if I'm working with a single wizard and the Topiary tunic is well suited for solo battle. And yes, I still wear my initiate robes in Unicorn Way to keep a low profile when trying out new spells on the Evil Fairy Boss when I can find her :P

After staying up until 0300 for very nearly the last three weeks, I finally crashed last night. I fell asleep and slept soundly at 1800 waking up ready to face the day ironically at 0300. But you know me, I have no complaints. Me and Genevieve Earthgem, we are battle on Wizard101!

* Download Wizard101 Mix here!