June 30th, 2012




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There's not a lot I despise more in people than arrogant presumption. Myself included. Like the day I was walking around the "Conference Room" pondering my thoughts on meditation when all of a sudden everything about where I was ceased. This city's railroad history is a very current and active part of culture here, but at that moment I heard no tell-tale railroad whistles nor rumbling diesel engines. Nearby Wichita is dubbed the "Air Capitol of the World" yet at the same time all overhead traffic had ceased. Even my constant bitch the wind had not only died down, but had become completely still, the wheat even stopped moving. I heard crickets but no birds. The waterpark adjacent the playground was silent for the first time since school let out - no toddlers were there splashing in the ornate fountains - nothing.

I stopped moving, and held my breath.

I closed my eyes.

Maybe, just maybe, there was something to all this non-activity? I stood there an inordinate amount of time just soaking in all this quiet and considered my own ignorance. My own presumption. And as I did I imagined a sonic guided meditation to create not silence - as I was then experiencing it, rather serenity - when I wouldn't be able to again.

I brought my camera out later that day to capture the brilliant white ibis who flies at low-level around the water, but he wasn't there, so you get the Kansas wheat at sunset instead.

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