July 25th, 2012



Miranda Duneslinger, Grand Arena - Krokotopia

In preparation for the creation of a new wizard, I had first started playing an Ice Thaumaturge with a secondary school of Life - something I would hope help these tanks of the game as experienced with my Theurgist. Problem was, I didn't enjoy the art. When my Myth Conjurer abandoned his Storm studies and changed his minor to Balance I was disappointed with the limited spells afforded those who practiced it as a secondary school, which caused me to dismiss the art altogether. But purchase of the Pagoda Gauntlet pack came with a set of highly specialized Balance gear - Sōhei; Japanese "warrior monk" - which none of my current wizards were equipped to use. This led me to create a Sorceress. Failed past attempts at adequate secondary schools gave me pause to seriously consider her secondary art. Before I understood game dynamics I often chose opposite-schools for secondary spells, which backfired when fighting same-school monsters because they would specifically guard against it as it is their natural weakness. As Balance is a culmination of all the arts, it has no natural diametric.

One of the drawbacks to a secondary school is the inability to utilize power-pips, the spellcaster's primary school double-use ability. That is, without a very expensive amulet - one I had purchased for my Life Wizard's secondary school of Death prior to her no longer requiring it. She currently casts only in-school spells. However, I was recently impressed with my nephew's choice of Death as a secondary school to his Pyromancer as about half the spells not only damaged opponents, but returned health to the caster as well - something I rarely used with my Life mage as she was far better equipped to deal health than by using comparatively inadequate Death spells - but which might greatly assist my Balance wizard. And I already owned that expensive amulet.

Balance as a primary school has a far more diverse plethora of spells than as a secondary school, and with Death offsetting Balance-resist opponents and my new armor, I am sure enjoying playing Miranda Duneslinger, feudal Sorceress!