September 19th, 2012


An Introvert's Introvert

One would think that in a room full of stereotypical introverts a cultural shift due to compensation at critical mass would form. One would think. But that's not what happened. In a room of about 300 introverts, a live trio, and a all the beer and wine one could consume as well as a veritable cornucopia in its most literal definition, introverts did what they do best - clung to those they knew in several small groups of groups.

I did the same for a short period of time before becoming annoyed at the whole introvertedness of this collection of introverts. So....several glasses of wine later, this extroverted introvert did what needed to be done to the amazement of his small group. I went out, introduced myself to individuals, brought them into my ever-growing group of introverts, and found amazing people to talk to!

It was a great experience, one I hope to repeat over and over this trip - in the words of my client, who was also present - "A great asset." During one very terse exchange, a man who communicated to the sales force directly from the kernel engineers in very droll reply to the comment, "So you're how all the rumors get started!"

If you hear it from me, its not a rumor.

What a great reply! At the end of the night, mine was the largest interactive group. We were all there to learn, and I learned a great many things just at the informal opening reception, as did all those I interacted with - and I found that in some small way, we were all connected. From the ARM processor guy who lives in my old stomping grounds of Peterbrough, UK to the North Texas Texas Instrument guy who worked in the same building I did a decade ago.

Until tomorrow!

Me and "The Architect"