September 20th, 2012



Doug Balog, General Manager, IBM System z

What a keynote! Starting with the President and General Manager of SUSE talking about the explosive growth of SUSE over the last several years followed by Dirk Hohndel, Intel's (inhale a breath) "Chief Linux And Open Source Technologist" (what a title!) comments about being part of the open source "ecosystem" from the start to what turned out to be my favorite, Doug Balog, General Manager of IBM's System z!

A while back I was considering either an OpenVMS emulator on x86 OR installing OpenVMS on my Itanium box, but after the keynote I wanted to crate an *actual* mainframe into my house (I know someone who has two, surely he would let me borrow one, right?) Then I discovered rather than playing with 3-phase power and running 208 to my basement...I could simply get a SLES vps running on the System Z!

Yeah, I'm geeking out.

And tonight? SUSE's 20th birthday party bash!