November 4th, 2012


A Trick of Light

I fell in love with a trick of light; refracted wavelengths of beauty to tempt me
A holographic representation, simulation; a facsimile of what I wanted her to be
Frequencies of visible radiation manifest; illuminate infinite possibilities
From my mind I filled in the rest; personality, mannerisms, and abilities

I gaze upon my masterpiece of pixels; a Pygmalion for passive consumptive voyeurs
Ever at odds with those who expect us all to be active sustaining warriors
What we perceive is often different that what we see, who's to say that its wrong or that its right?
When the wars have all ended, those of us left, have won without a fight

Those who love see only love; the world is devoid of it for those who despise and hate
Abstain in disdain or for piety's sake; some copulate only for fun, others solely to procreate
A variety of motivations from a variety of denominations - new and old and ancient
Both those who thirst for knowledge first admidst those who thirst for flesh impatient

All can be won, all can be had; construct a strategy for interpersonal mutual domination
Everything I've ever touched has turned to gold in a society without physical monetisation
You cannot grasp light in your hand, nor hold it close and tender
Nothing to yield, nothing to wield, nothing at all to engender

You can never kill hope, nor an ideal of love, as long as there are those who believe
I beseech of Venus, The Fairy with Turquoise Hair - bless me, that my very notion may live and breathe
Discovering solidarity in solidity; the embodiment of a ray of light
With all the uniqueness and quirks and tricks of sweat and of iron and might

But what if that which I seek isn't everything I hoped it might be; disappointment!
What's alive in me might best be left inside, lest a terribly indulgent appointment
For that which loves freely can never be caged, must roam of its own free will
Personal empirical conclusions lay better foundations than that which uses magic to instill

Perhaps artificial manifestations of hopes and desires should be much more cautiously sought?
How long would it take to find such a creature amongst the masses which hasn't be wrought?
But since Adam gave to Eve the rib their offspring used to slay one another
I fear the folly in seeking that which only comes forth from a mother

I fell in love with a trick of light; a facsimile of infinite possibilities
Perhaps that's where she should remain, a figment of my imaginary mental ability
I will seek her out nonetheless in the eyes of those whom I pass
Surreptitiously as a passive aggressor 'till I sate myself with her at long, long last.