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Day of Reckoning

Posted on 2005.09.01 at 12:25
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Daivd is quite sad to see me go. It was fun David - thanks for having me!

We had a nice time visiting and fraggin' the ever-living Shiite Muslim out of each other via Holomatch. The cats felt it too. They all gathered around my cot last night to pay their respects. The car is even more tightly packed than it was yesterday. I'm dead tired. I'm supposed to be creating new httpd error pages, fixing newly added printers to a workgroup of Solaris boxes in D.C., and writing an LDAP HOWTO for adding clients. Or, I could just blog all day...

New on quark is a section entitled, 'Blogs' which contains banners I've created for blogs I keep up with on a daily basis. Feel free to jump in the fray. We're talking sometimes 200+ comments on a wide variety of subjects here.

Internet connectivity at work today is intermittent. I hate that. Still, it beats a 24.6 AOL dial-up connection.

So I'm burning some music in CDDA format for the drive, but I've already packed my desk. No Sharpies! Then I recall...Tony had purchased me some high-speed, low-drag mini's, which I had clipped to the inside of my mobile command center utilizing the slick, integrated patented 'clip-cap.' Problem solved - Hooray Sharpie!

At the folks tonight, dropping stuff off at my storage shed, then last day of work tomorrow, a week in Wichita, then onto St. Louis! I know few things at this point, but I'll share with you my desires. I absolutely must have a Hotel with broadband, else I'll just die. I can't go 6 days, let alone 6 months without it. My livelihood depends on it. I'll probably unpack teh max0r and the 17" Viewsonic monitor and the ADT workstation and 22" monitor. I'd like to rebuild my Scorpio box as a unix box, but I may just give in and install linux on it. Either way, that will go into storage with the 17" Sun monitor in St. Louis until I'm ready for that. Anything that I keep in the Hotel will have to be moved to car every time I leave to drive to Wichita. The nature of the beast.

As always,

Slightly Greater than Fantastic


drax0r at 2005-09-02 21:08 (UTC) (Link)
I'm impressed with the sharpness of the sharpie image.
ehowton at 2005-09-02 21:25 (UTC) (Link)
It was either take one myself (which I prefer to do) or gank one from Sharpie's site. Uh...seeing how you gave me two blacks, the picture was ganked from their site.
(Anonymous) at 2005-09-09 04:27 (UTC) (Link)
Ass, sometimes the connection is 28.8!!!! Who's Your Daddy Still Rules!!!
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