January 26th, 2013

Janeway (Alt)

The Fulfilled Life

I run scenarios to anticipate how I may feel in a given situation. They're not always accurate, but its a good exercise in preparedness. Errant emotions may manifest nonetheless, and while I may have little control over how I feel (re-framing solves most, but not all negative ones) I am able to exercise control over my behavior. What I've learned is that in doing so I am usually able to more quickly align the two.

While feelers claim to "feel" more, in my experience they only feel more often - and feel fewer (usually less complex) emotions (http://ehowton.livejournal.com/477067.html). I make this claim because I seek to understand why I feel what I do, and when. I want to be able to repeat the good ones and minimize the bad ones and not being a slave to them is a stellar start.

Janeway once told Tuvok, "You can use logic to justify anything. That's its power and its flaw." I agree! When not wanting to feel frustrated or angry, I use logic to justify not feeling that way.

This is why it's truly remarkable when I'm accused on acting on emotion. Behavior is an action. So while I may make the wrong decision, and my logic may be flawed - its almost always made due to a logical conclusion.

For me at least, logic is the only path to true happiness. Your mileage may vary :)

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