March 3rd, 2013


Sensual Jade

Back in 2007 I purchased this desk from OfficeMax. Or at least, I thought I did. I couldn't find any reference to the story in the annals of this blog, but they shipped the main desk, and the corner piece. They never shipped the smaller attachable side desk. When I contacted them the first time they told me the desk had been discontinued. I communicated with them for awhile explaining how the corner section, in order to be usable, required both pieces and asked them to come pick up the corner piece and refund my money. Those emails remained unanswered.

I have been carting around this corner piece every time I have moved, unopened in the box. Its even gone unsold in three garage sales. Once, I tried to give it away.

Fast forward six years and I'm walking through OfficeMax and saw my existing chair coupled with my existing desk. I thought, "Hey! That looks familiar." I then stopped dead in my tracks and tried to make sense of what I was seeing. It was my full, L-Shaped desk, wasn't. It was very similar - nearly identically so - except the legs were in a different configuration. Same color wood and trim, same glass, different desk. I found the tag and saw it was a different brand, but seeing how all this crap probably comes out of the same Chinese manufacturing plant, that's not so unusual. Mine was branded "Sharper Image" this was branded, "Brenton Studio." I borrowed a tape measure from one of the staff and measured the distance between the retaining screws, then went home and measured mine. They were identical.

I decided on the "full size" desk rather than the smaller side desk, and it was on sale $50 off. My new office - back in Newton - is the fulfillment of my realization back in 2007.

And since Ralph Laruen no longer makes paints, I settled on Valspar Signature "Sensual Jade."

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