June 17th, 2013


EXCEL At What You Do


Did you hear the one about the brilliant-but-eccentric system administrator who didn't know how to manipulate data in a spreadsheet? Its because he was a brilliant-but-eccentric system administrator.

[Cue laughter]

Opening Scene:

"How can you not know Excel?"
"How can you not know what I do for a living?"

Fade Out...

Its like I asked the Project Manager who had requested the spreadsheet. "When was the last time I asked you to log into a unix box and fix a filesystem for me?"

Being in imagery intelligence (versus, let's say signals or emissions intelligence) was equally as problematic. Your average visiting dignitary never wanted to second-guess your interpretation by "reviewing" your wavelength. Whatever. But if you had pictures? Well then EVERYONE was a photographic expert!

Heh - "reviewing your wavelength." God I crack myself up sometimes.