July 16th, 2013

Neelix - Mmm..., clown


The children picked the color for the kitchen: Tangerine. This was, by far, the most problematic room in the house to paint - lots of cut in angles. Also, I painted behind the refrigerator. How many have I moved in the past to see as big refrigerator-sized unpainted hole behind it? I finished it up in late March during the Winter Storm Q. The refrigerator was a gift from suzanne1945. Well, at less than a year old and 1/2 price I consider it a gift. The interior lights just burned out, and when the replacements didn't do anything I typed the model number in Google. First hit was from a Sears's repairman who listed exactly what was wrong with it (the switch), and a link to the part number. $8 part, $8 shipping. I couldn't believe my luck.

When I tell people I have tangerine kitchen, they usually reply, "Seriously?" So now I can point them here!

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