July 17th, 2013



Vibrancy! Those who desire it sometimes have to work at finding it. The first time I was in this house the walls were a flat gold which sucked life out of the room, and out of your soul. The second time I was in this house the walls were a flat white, which was slightly better than the flat gold from a illumination/soul-sucking perspective. When it was time for a complete transformation however, HIGH-GLOSS PURPLE. The walls practically shimmer in sunlight. I wish I could accurately depict the various and undulating hues this paint reflects dependent upon lighting conditions. The super gloss finish was chosen so the depth of the color wouldn't steal ambient light from the room, rather just borrow it and give it back in a slightly modified way. Also - kids. Dude, they can touch the walls and it won't smudge or discolor. Its the finish of the future.

So now, when my #1 response, "Seriously?" is replied to my statement that my living room is purple, again, I have somewhere to point them. A little girl came in the house the other day looking for her brothers and announced aloud, "WHY IS THE HOUSE PURPLE?" I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud :)

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