September 14th, 2013

Marko, Daisy


I went on my daily walk Monday only to find Marko wanted to follow me. This rarely turns out well. Monday was no different. Ever since DRE he's been more...needy. His calling meow is different; more visceral - no, raw. It intones a longing I've not heard him use before.

So Monday he basically halted my walk for the morning. He'd been out all night, and followed me from the house, followed behind me calling to me until I stopped, and finally, sat down (he was even there to knock my glasses and hat off during my push-ups at The Path offshoot, so it was really no contest - he won).

On Tuesday, however, I stealthy exited the house and made a wide berth to The Path - bypassing any sighting by Marko. I was victorious! Starting into my walk Marko suddenly jumped out of the cattails at me, "Meow!" I knew I was doomed. I tried to ignore him, I did, but he fell behind meowing that new pathetic meow of his, and the further he fell behind, the louder he got. It was embarrassing - like being in a crowded grocery store and your child won't stop screaming no matter how you try to pacify them.

I finally stopped, but he didn't start running toward me until I knelt down, and by that time he was panting. I scooped him up, intent on carrying him while I continued, but he was panting so hard I looked behind me a couple of times certain a dog was following us it was so loud. And that's how I did another lap, intermittently carrying him, until he saw a grasshopper or the like then leaping from my arms until the following/meowing/panting.

I finally got him the house.

Wednesday, he came running towards me from the wheat field behind my neighbor's house as soon as he saw me. I ferried him indoors and had a great workout the next three days!