October 20th, 2013


Death in a Dream Again

The last time I died in a dream was also aircraft related. This time, I was in a nearly empty jumbo jet, accelerating down the runway when a much smaller (I dunno what to call them, I learned them as a C-21; a sort of a small business jet) "passed" us on the right, out-accelerating us, then took off in a vertical climb.

Somehow, I was able to watch all of this from my seat. As the small business jet (which I knew to be a Lockheed-Martin) continued streaking upwards, I felt a sense of dread pass over me, as I knew the small craft couldn't maintain velocity at that angle. "Its not a U2," I thought to myself, wondering why it was climbing like that. Then sure enough, it flamed out, turned, and pointed toward the earth.

I quickly assessed the rate of the falling aircraft with our own forward movement and decided that while the C-21 would crash into the ground before the aircraft I was in was underneath it, that the ensuing fireball would engulf and ignite us, resulting in my demise. Now that I had all that worked out, I was rather calm. It was only the not-knowing which worried me. Anyway, I watched it all play out exactly as I'd predicted, and died.

Later, however, I awoke and the girl I was with (Morena Baccarin, who had died previously) was comforting me. That's how I knew I was dead. Then my co-workers were in and out of the morgue which further cemented the fact that I was indeed dead despite moving around and talking with Morena Baccarin (who I thought should know that I loved her - so I told her, what the hell, I was dead) and we shared a tender moment before she was dead again, laying on the slab covered up, and I was confused, because I was alive - my MMORPG heath bar had just a sliver of red at the end, indicating nearly gone, but hit points remaining. It was pretty cool - that I didn't die - but I was kinda bummed that I was going to miss out on eternity with Morena Baccarin.