December 30th, 2013



I'd been eyeing to replace the worst dishwasher I'd ever used since...ever, and thankfully, due to Best Buy's "Columbus Day" sale of 30% off, free delivery, free installation, free haul-away, and most importantly 18-months 0% financing, that dream became a reality.

Ordering and installation was effortless and back-to-back and once all alone with my new dishwasher, I knelt down to peel off the odd little bit of plastic taping around the stainless steel facing. And that's when shit got real.

You see, that's not a little plastic protective strip, its laser-etched, uneven asterisks across the front. Because I knew no one would believe me, I took this picture and attached it to all communication with Best Buy. A month later, after much talk but little action, I walked into the store and showed the picture to some random employee, who grimaced, exasperated. "You look like you recognize this picture." I exclaimed.

"We all have. They haven't replaced that yet?"

I've worked Make-Ready in the automotive industry and have unwrapped plastic from every part of the interior of a car you can think of prior to delivery on the showroom floor, and am also intimately familiar with the protective screening they put on monitors, mice, printers and keyboards and was even surprised to find it on washers and dryers.

So some two months later the original installer returns, and unwraps the entire face of the door after using a utility knife to cut both edges from the inside. I'd peeled the plastic from the instrument panel and assumed that was that.

So yeah, just plastic after all. And it looks like I got another new dishwasher what with the shiny now :P