February 25th, 2014


Does Not Compute

My lawyer used to run through a lot of different receptionists. When I called I would always say, "Mr. Howton calling for Mr. Smith, please." The reply to which, 100% of the time was, "Certainly, may I ask who's calling?"

I avoid making `Support Indian` jokes for a wide variety of reasons, and because I've traveled the globe and actually work with some brilliant co-workers from the sub-continent area I am more than versed on the difficulty in overcoming dialectical hurdles. In fact, during the last DRE I was musing on two Chinese-American's using bad Engrish to communicate with each other, wondering if they had as difficult a time understanding one another as I sometimes did - when they suddenly slipped into their native tongue! It sounded so much smoother and much more efficient - I was actually taken aback by the immediate empirical answer to my existential question. How often does that happen in the real world?

And that is a concise, yet accurate explanation as to one of the numerous reasons I prefer online support chat. No communications barriers to get into the way.

Then the following happened, devoid of any foreign accent whatsoever - ACTUAL CUT AND PASTE FROM LENOVO SUPPORT CHAT:

Eric: Howdy! I just ordered a Y510p model #59405667
Eric: And noticed you have TWO model #59405667's
Eric: one with 8GB RAM and one with 16GB RAM!
^[REDACTED]: I appreicate your choice.
Eric: Wanted to ensure I was getting the 16GB one :D
^[REDACTED]: Let me check that.
^[REDACTED]: May I know the model you orderd?
Eric: hrm