May 27th, 2014


Measuring the Void in a 50% Filled Glass

I've got a budding pessimist on my hands and I'm all sorts of shocked about what to do about it. I take a few deep breaths and remind myself that he only gets this way when he's tired. Plus - puberty - maybe that's it? Maybe its just a phase he'll go through, then afterward be a budding optimist just like his old man! Surely I was surly at that age too?

Last day of school and I ask if he's excited - I know he's really looking forward to spending some time with his friends in Texas. But what do I get as a reply?

Not really because the last day of school means Summer Vacation and if I have too much fun it'll go too fast then school will start up again and I'll feel like I missed it all. So I'm kinda bummed about Summer Vacation.



So mom's auto-immune wound was indeed infected - as well as a simultaneous bladder infection - both of which were stabilized by antibiotics, and after four days or so in ICU they moved her to a regular room awaiting surgery. She'd had three unsuccessful surgeries at the prior care facility, and we were told they would not do a forth; a decision revisited by the hospital staff, so will wait and see.

That said, mom was alert, comfortable and in good spirits the three days I spent with her in ICU.

Thanks for all your well-wishes!