July 6th, 2014



Dreamed I was vacationing with catttitude on a distant planet when I decided to practice ground launch maneuvers in the Viper Mk-II. This transpired by sitting down on a flat, narrow runway and preparing to be hurled into the air without an aircraft. Starbuck, the only other BSG member on the planet with me, sat down on the adjacent track. I had my legs straight out in front of me with my arms crossed against my chest while she preferred the knees pulled up under her chin method.

The launch was smoother than I thought it would be and we soon (slower than I would have expected) broke through the atmosphere and were flying through space (still without an actual Viper, just steering with my hands, my legs still stretched out in front of me). Starbuck and I docked at the space station in geosynchronous orbit and were surprised to find the normally bustling hub of activity vacant. Cautiously moving through the corridors, we eventually came across the Fury an enormous Battlestar refitting flagship which was easily 100-times the size of a Battlestar - a carrier carrier. It looked like the Space 1999 ship only with a flat landing area for up to 12-Battlestar's to dock, six on each side. Thing was, it was miniaturized (still several feet long as compared to my own size), and floating slowly through the hallways gathering information from a series of remote probes zipping throughout the space station seeking signs of life.

Starbuck pulled me aside, out of sight, and in a hushed voice explained the dire nature of what was transpiring - The Fury was fully automated and had gone bad, hunting humans and Battlestars. She wanted me to go to the Viper bay, launch back down to the planet, and bring the Galactica (which was parked on the below planet) into space where she would work on getting the crew back together to man the Battlestar and neutralize the threat.

I took off around a bulkhead knowing good and well I had no idea where the Viper bay was. During my excursion I dodged probes (which were moving a lot faster than the Fury though they didn't seem to be as intelligent), jumped into and out of frustrating elevators (some which went only up, some which went only down, and some which seemed to be just rooms that didn't move at all). I also ran across several crew members who were also hiding, one young man who showed me how to cross my arms and jump on a net which opened into a slide quickly taking pilots to the Viper bay!

After a less than glamours landing on the Viper bay floor, I was detained by two security agents who were at a loss to explain what was happening, but unmoved by my story and simply following their last known orders. At some point Starback arrived in the Viper bay and out-ranked them and I was given clearance to complete my mission and placed in a Viper in a launch tube.

My last thought was wondering how I was going to single-handedly get an entire Battlestar off the ground and into space, as surely an entire crew was necessary for that level of operation.