July 28th, 2014

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A local copy of my entire iTunes database running in the garage on the Powermac G5; 2x2GHz PPC procs and 3GB RAM running OSX 10.5.8. And of the many circa 2005 Netgear dongles I have laying around the house, I discovered there is an OSX driver for their RealTek chipsets!

Not that I'm going to host any Anna-level events in this garage.

Not shown in the rack are two Dell PowerEdge 2950's (one is running a Win7 remote browserfarm, the other a stupidly overpowered externally-facing openSUSE Minecraft server), an HP DL360 (my kids' internal Win7 Minecraft server), and one of my Itanium boxes - I decided to reinstall HP/UX 11iv3 here at the house as a test box since we don't have any at work.

I also enjoy using the SSH client on my iPhone to send "say" command to the G5 to freak out the kids when they're outside :)