August 2nd, 2014



I changed the IP in the ADDRESS RESERVATION TABLE on the router to bind to the kids' Minecraft server in case of future Automatic Update reboots after it picked up a different IP address after the last one. However, running:

PS C:\Users\PC\Desktop>ipconfig /release
PS C:\Users\PC\Desktop>ipconfig /renew

Did not re-read the DHCP allocation in the router.

I know I could static it on the operating system, but what I want to know is why release/renew didn't re-poll? I mean, what exactly the fuck is the purpose of release/renew if not to "release" IP information, and subsequently "renew" it? According to KB117662:

IPCONFIG.EXE is a new utility included with Windows. The purpose of this utility is to provide the user with diagnostic information related to TCP/IP network configuration. IPCONFIG also accepts various Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) commands, allowing a system to update or release its TCP/IP network configuration.

/release: Releases the IP address for the specified adapter.
/renew: Renews the IP address for the specified adapter.

Disabling and re-enabling the interface returned identical results.

Much to my chagrin, not even a reboot fixed it.

So I hardcoded the new IP into our Minecraft client.

Jesus Christ.