September 20th, 2014


New Aluminum Shafts

The weather has been fantastic! I've been walking in the mornings again (finally) and spending afternoon's in the garage greeting the kids when they get off the bus, and (of course) drinking beer and throwing darts in the evenings. Soon - very soon, it will be time to bike again.

I replaced the flights on my daughter's darts (she prefers skulls - found these yesterday after her's finally gave out), and got some new aluminum shafts for mine, replacing the cracked ones on my brother's set with mine - sounds like they're ready to come back to Newton for another round of play :)

My son's darts are lighter overall, but I've added 3oz. weights to his which really makes them nice to throw because of the added length - he likes having a defined grip point which the weights allow. Also picked up another inexpensive set since I last had guests. But I'm really aching to get into my father-in-law's attic to fish out my set of Hammerhead's.

The other day, in a game against my daughter, I threw a triple 20, triple 19, triple 18 - and because I closed them, a triple 17 and a triple 16. She thought I was showing off but I was just as surprised as she was!

Thrown successively from a regulation distance of 7' 9-1/4"