March 11th, 2015



Its been cold here in Newton, Kansas, and I haven't been hanging out in the garage much. At some point I wondered if, given all the time I spend in my office, it wouldn't be prudent to either bring the garage subwoofer into my office, pairing them with my Infinity SM82s, or...

I decided to swap speakers, pairing the Infinity with the subwoofer for the much needed bass they were obviously lacking (and where it would be needed most, in the garage) and they sounded great in there! But you know what else sounded fantastic? Probably more than fantastic given the absurdity of what I'd done?

My new garage speakers towering over me on my desk. I couldn't be more pleased. They freaking rock. No matter what I throw at them, they rock. I'm now in the market for an inexpensive PCIe soundcard.

Oh, and that's Nymph on the openSUSE LXDE screen (VirtualBox VM via RDP) and Ikaros on the Windows screen. I've been watching Heaven's Lost Property and listening to a lot of Babymetal :P