April 7th, 2015



I've read quite a few articles recently on the retirement of Internet Explorer. "Finally," they all say, but there's no mention of how the Windows operating system is supposed to run without it, since that was Bill Gates' claim to the State Department in the late 90s. No mention whatsoever.

At work, we're not allowed to run anything but IE8. Which is problematic since many web apps no longer support it. And since many web apps support "only" IE10, I can only assume the new Microsoft browser will be IE10 compatible, which probably means its going to suck balls no matter how lightweight it is. I can't even comprehend how little a developer would care how fast "Spartan" maligns code.

But none of that matters anymore. Because corporate America is finally shifting to Mozilla.

I installed my first Netscape browser - Navigator - in 1995 from a floppy my ISP provided me. I was grinning like an idiot because I didn't have to pay for it (browsers were purchased and installed like applications back in the day). Even way back then people understood IE to be a substandard product (having used NCSA Mosaic on Sun, Navigator was light-years ahead of IE's rebranding in polish and rendering). Anthropomorphising corporate America, TWENTY FUCKING YEARS LATER it lifts its gigantic, bloated head, and rather than make good on their two-decade threat to outlaw Firefox, they're going to embrace it.

What's next, legalization of weed? Forbidding scientists from advising Congress? Oh, wait.