June 7th, 2015


Tower of Power, Pt. II

When I was in the Air Force, my roommate and I built the Tower of Power, a very personal, excessive system to compensate for a great many things. It was also FREAKING FANTASTIC in so many ways words alone cannot describe. The perfectly arranged four sets of speakers would make grown men weep and women involuntarily lubricate themselves. The only thing more impressive than the Tower of Power was our justified opinion of ourselves for having created it.

Not unsurprisingly perhaps, given the complexity of our creation (and the sheer number of individual components comprising it), we utilized no less than nine (9) remotes to fine tune and control it. Many co-workers who sat down for a new album, or a weekend movie, would often comment we had, "too many" remotes.

too [adverb]

  • more, as specified, than should be

  • to an excessive extent or degree; beyond what is desirable, fitting, or right

I was often perplexed by that statement, and asked if they were suggesting I had purchased extra, duplicate remotes and lain them adjacent the others, or perhaps was simply collecting remotes from garage sales and the like, and displaying them unused ones along with the other ones. "Uh, no?" I can't remember how many times I explained that their observation was so entirely nonsensical because it suggested that amongst the remote controls used to (bear with me here) "remotely control" the disparate components, I had additional remotes which either went unused, or served no purpose whatsoever.

I love getting down to the root of highly subjective opinionated statements. Its like interrogation with the uninitiated.