February 8th, 2016



My son hosted an AirSoft party this past Saturday - and since it was here in our neighborhood, my Maine Coon joined him. Marko Ramius is no stranger to competitive outdoor activities, often joining us on the field for our pick-up games of sandlot softball in Anna, TX; chasing the ball and running around the bases with us. So it was of little notice that he was out with the boys in the tall grass during their battles.

I can only assume Marko got bored, or found something more interesting to do, because at one point during the game he felled a rather large rabbit. Then the boys did something which would have never crossed my mind - they skinned it, cleaned it, cooked it, and freaking ate it. It was so delicious in fact, they lauded honor upon Marko, who basked the rest of the day in the well-deserved recognition he seeks.

Of course when I as a kid I didn't have Google, which is what they referenced prior to their meal. I'm thankful they were smart enough to do so. I did later show them my meat thermometer, explaining, "This can literally save your life." And while I was never a stereotypical boy, I suppose there is some truth to the old adage, boys will be boys.