March 6th, 2016

Eric Capitol

Kansas Caucus

While I was standing in line at the Kansas caucus, it dawned on me that just like everything else in life, politics are equally as malleable. I have had new experiences over the last 8 years which has modified my worldview. In other words, things which were VERY important to me in my 20s weren't nearly as important to me in my 30s. Subsequently, I find myself chasing entirely different dreams in my 40s. This, I think, is how life is supposed to work. Somewhere along the way, we mature. We self-actualize and stop chasing things and start chasing ideas. In my 30s I had a new car, a big house, got married and had children - those things required providing for. New cars and bigger houses are no longer the focus of my life. What made me immeasurably happy then is different than what makes me immeasurably happy now.

I was standing in line at the Kansas caucus trying to articulate a way to explain that half the people in the United States aren't stupid - despite the low brow mouthpieces whose job it is to polarize an easily manipulated society (things are rarely as simplistic as most people state) when I realized much as I am seeking something different now, everyone else on this planet has their own pursuits of happiness, which understandably differ from my own. Because each of us is in a constant state of flux, and that flux alters our perception of the changing world around us, we're each simply finding that best fit for where we are at any given time.

I know people who support each of the candidates, and I don't think they are stupid, or dumb, or misguided. I think they have fantastic reasons for wanting their candidate to win - and unlike me, they're actually passionate about it. My happiness will not wax or wane one iota upon who actually gets elected, because I have not tied it to any particular outcome. I simply don't care that much and will continue to live the best version of myself no matter the possible obstacles. Its the only thing any of us can do.

Sadly, the endless meme's out there do not reflect this understanding. Each of them try to dichotomously outline why people who don't vote for their candidate are dumb rather than express we are all in different places in our lives, and politics isn't ever universally one thing or another. Our politics do not define us - how we grow and react and change the way we think about the world around us when our experiences differ from one another, does.