May 26th, 2016


YONGNUO YN35mm f/1:2 AF

YONGNUO YN35mm f/1:2 AF

There I was, first session of a new shoot in Larned, KS this Spring. We were up the concrete steps dwarfed by the massive pillars of the architecture and I was pressed against the bricks trying capture my model who was opposite me against the column. The 50mm lens on the crop sensor increased its focal length and the 24mm prime I have was too wide. (As an aside, I was not directly behind the camera, either, and as the Rebel SL1 doesn't have an articulated screen, I had to rely upon my limited number of autofocus lenses.) If I slid to either side to increase the distance, the shot wouldn't work, and if she moved she'd be in angry, shadow-casting direct sunlight. Resignedly, I grabbed my 18-55 kit lens and framed the shot. Pulling it back, I looked down at the barrel and noticed it was sitting at 35mm. I announced then and there I wanted to add a 35mm AF prime to my collection.

And that was the easy part.

The Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM was my first choice, but at $999 retail, awfully pricey. I mean, not for an, "L" series lens, just...expensive. And every "pre-owned" lens site out there (and there are quite a few of them) had them used at the low, low price of...$999! Which of course, is retarded. So I started looking at alternatives, where I ran across the Chinese version of Canon's previous model 35mm f/2 for nearly $200 less than Canon's previous model 35mm f/2. That's quite a savings. Enter Yongnuo. But what sold me were the reviews, some of which described in detail how the Yonguo surpassed the Canon. Sample pictures sealed the deal and it arrived 3 days later.

It is by far the noisiest of my AF lenses, and I haven't had a chance to use it in a shoot, but here are basically the first two pictures I took with it (if you're not getting tired of seeing my daughter model - seriously, I need more models, she begs you!)

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