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ehowton adds up the cost of a kidney stone

Primary Care
CAT Scan
Ultrasonic blast

  1. Abdomen was examined in contiguous axial sections from the lower thoracic region to the pelvis with intravenous and oral contrast.

  2. Liver, pancreas, spleen, appendix and adrenal glands are unremarkable.

  3. 2.5mm stone located in left kidney.

Primary Care physician sent me for the CT scan where they found a kidney stone and the urologist, after looking over the results and not the rapper from my title, declared me in perfect health and my pain viral rather than kidney stone related, putting me on 400mg of OTC ibuprofen four times a day for five days.

Despite that, he sent me for a kidney X-ray so he can discover the location of the stone in hopes of blasting it into sand with ultrasonic waves. Booya. But my doctor did call me today and chewed my ass for not taking my cholesterol medication. Oops.

No, I cannot interpret this

ehowton wrestles the Monster

I already drink a lot of water. More water than anyone else I know. I like water. And I've never been a (soft drink) carbonated beverage drinker (that is, 'pop' to those of you in the Midwest, 'soda' to those of you in the Northeast and on the West Cost, and 'coke' to those of you in Texas) but since discovering Monster drinks, well, though it may not have contributed directly to my new little friend, its certainly contributed to the something like ten pounds I've gained since I've been drinking it! So...without further experimentation on the subject, its gone. Goodbye sweet Monster. I will always hold our time together dear.

ehowton and Chernobyl

Without one whit of understanding why, this post has become active once again, by what looks like Russian political spammers. There's no indication whatsoever as to what could've sparked this, as, in its entirety, the post contains only, a set of 'center' tags and an image source with no alt text. Weird!
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