May 21st, 2017



Dreamed my buddy (Francis from Malcolm in the Middle) and I were vendors at FetCon setting up the day before it opened to the public.  When we were done I was walking the event and ran across a super-cute girl running behind who would be selling fishnet body stockings.  Later in the break room, Francis was talking about all the hot guys he'd seen, so I - thinking of the super-cute girl - told him if he needed to pretend we weren't together for the entire weekend, we could pursue our own interests for the duration and return to our original configuration after FetCon.  That's when I found it odd I was with another dude, and for the first time in my dream wondered where GF was.

Then I was at some sort of indoor social Summer camp for the socially awkward. We were just about to start dance lessons when our leggy dance instructor tripped and fell, knocking her head on the brick floor. Myself and another attendee helped her up and escorted her to the infirmary, the other guy trying to come on to her the entire duration of the long walk across campus. When we arrived, the admitting nurse wanted details as to the cause of the injury, and with no help from cassanova, I reconstructed the falling incident, deciding both of us didn't need to stay with her, returning to the dance classroom.

Without an instructor, Chris Brinkmeyer has pulled the class together and was getting everyone to dance to Phineas & Ferb's, "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" (That's what my baby said). He was doing an impressive job and everyone was having a great time, so I returned to let our dance instructor know he had everything taken care of. When I arrived, the cassanova was no longer in the waiting room. Inquiring as to his whereabouts, a different nurse with a stained frock and a look of abject disgust explained he'd vomited on her, so they admitted him as well.

This is where it turned into some sort of spy thriller, culminating in five of us - myself, GF, Brinkmeyer, the super-cute FetCon chick, and a newcomer, were thrust in a web of passing secret messages, herbology classes, and destination trips via train. First the newcomer and the super-cute FetCon chick disappeared, and through keen observation and clues we found her, but not the newcomer! In the end, all we had was a note saying the newcomer had never met anyone like the four of us, having formed a bond which would last a lifetime. While I was as fond as the newcomer as everyone else, that note also contained a list of our contact information, and everyone's was accurate except mine. So days later when everyone had received a highly-personal communication from the newcomer prior to the disappearances, I was dismayed I would never know what main contained.