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Banjo the Sea Otter

Once upon a time, there was a lovely walrus princess who loved with more love than any one walrus should ever have to contain, so she spread it out as much as she could amongst as many as she could, waiting on the ice shelf for her true love, and true love's first kiss.

SO BEGINS the DVD-release of "Sawing off a piece of the Walrus" the finale in the popular trilogy Ruby. This final movie introduces Banjo who breaks the spell of promiscuity which haunts Ruby, ending her cycle of self-abuse and bringing together two disparate goal-oriented creatures wherein they both discover that while failure plagued them individually, together they were able to conquer the Arctic!

Banjo, the slightly retarded but good-natured Sea Otter washes onto the ice shelf after a clam-opening mishap, and wrecks havoc upon the peaceful community of walruses with his affable intentions and his four left feet.

Packed with extras, be the first on your block to enjoy this heartening family film as you revisit your favorite moments over and over again -

  • Banjo trying to crack open a clam by beating it against his head

    • Hilarity ensues when young Banjo continues to beat the clam against his own head even after the entire walrus community proves to him how fruitless it is! What a silly retard!

  • The first time Ruby shows Banjo her tusks

    • Who could ever forget the explosive dawning of comprehension when Ruby shows Banjo her tusks for the very first time as he was in the process of rallying against his very reaction? That silly Banjo!

  • Deleted Scene: "Walrus Envy"; the truth behind pinniped male-reproductive organs

    • When a group of pups whip 'em out for comparison, young Banjo becomes suddenly aware that he's no walrus.

  • Sea Otters are the largest of the weasel family

    • Discover how the slippery otter threatens the most beautiful walrus on the ice shelf, which leads him straight into Ruby's waiting flippers.

  • UNCUT! "My beating walrus-heart"

    • In her most moving performance to date, Ruby sings her famous 'tusk' song to Banjo as he prepares to mount blubber for the very first time (parental discretion advised).

  • Meet the Parents

    • When Ruby dresses up Banjo like a doll to introduce him to her folks, Papa's stiff bristles tingle with trouble while Banjo deals with role reversal.

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